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The project is learner-friendly. It has constructively and creatively contributed to global learning of Arabic in a facile and felicitous manner. It deserves promotion

Dr. V Abdur Rahim

Former faculty member, College of Arabic Language & Literature, Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Currently, Director, Translation Centre, King Fahd Qur’an Printing Complex, Madinah, Saudi Arabia

With his close intimacy to computer programming and deep insight in the original sources of Arabic Grammar, the author has made his work authentic and at the same time learner friendly at this computer age. “Globalisation of Arabic Learning through English” is an admirable Arabic Learning Software.

Dr. S Abdul Maliq

M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D (Arabic) University of Madras Associate Proffessor & Head, P.G & Research Dept. of Arabic, The New Colege, affiliated to Madras University. India

A learner-friendly software. It is highly recommended for an easy way of learning Arabic.

Dr. Mohiyudheen Abdul Khader & Dr M Abdul Khader

S.G. Lecturer, P.G and Research department of Arabic, Jamal Mohamed College (Autonomous), affiliated to Bharathidasan University, Trichirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India.

Interesting, unique and innovative. Simple and scientific. Colourful and delightful.

Dr P. Nizar Ahmed

Head of Arabic Department, Madras University, Chennai, India.

The project is user friendly, unique and innovative. It is a totally an interactive learning module. This product is very useful for learners who want to learn Arabic from basic to Advanced level through Grammar Translation method.

Dr Ali Obaid Bereima (Braima)

Former Arabic Lecturer, (IIUM) International Islamic University, Malaysia. (UBD) University of Brunei. Currently, Arabic Lecturer, University Islam Sultan Sharif Ali, Brunei

‘Globalisation of Arabic Learning through English’ is a comprehensive Arabic Learning software for beginners. It is user friendly, unique, and innovative. The interactive and the creative learning methodology is the first of its kind I have ever seen. I strongly recommend this software for any level of learners. Schools and Colleges can use the software for their foundation programs. This project deserves promotion.

Moulavi Dr. Syed Masood M.A Ph.D

Dean, School of Islamic Studies , B.S. Abdur Rahman University, Chennai, India

‘Globalisation of Arabic Learning through English’ is creative, interesting, attractive, comprehensive and user friendly. To the best of my knowledge, it is the first of its kind. I strongly recommend this software for the school children and non- Arabic speaking adults.

Dr. Kabuye Uthman Sulaiman

Assistant Professor, Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences, International Islamic University Malaysia

This software is very innovative and unique. It is highly recommended for beginners who want to learn Arabic from basic to advanced level.

Moulavi A.L.M Ibrahim

Former Lecturer, University of Paradenia, Currently Director, Ayesha Siddeeqa Educational Institute, Sri Lanka.

We are very much impressed by the creative work and innovative method, adopting Multimedia and Multilingual learning and teaching mode. The major focus of this project is to facilitate and promote the easy way of learning Arabic.

Dr. M.A.M Shukri & Asheik A.C Agar Mohammed

Former Head of Department of Arabic, and Islamic Civilization- University of Pareadeniya-Sri Lanka. Currently Director of Jamiah Naleemia, – Sri Lanka & Deputy Director of Jamiah Naleemia, – Sri Lanka

The project focuses on easy and user friendly learning methodology. The colourful text presentation and the interactive learning method make the project an easy learning module.

As-Sheikh, M.S. Abdul Barie

Head and Senior Lecturer, Department of Arabic, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

This software gives a positive impact to students. It can motivate students to study Arabic. I fully support the use of the software for effective and productive result for the teaching of Arabic

Hidayatul Hasanah Zulkifli

Lecurer, Penang International Islamic & Technological College

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