Arabic Software Developed

Mar 29, 2014 | English, Press


Tiruchirapalli:¬†The Malaysia based Globalisation of Arabic learning through English, has developed an Arabic software, ‘Globalisation of Arabic learning ‘, it is a self taught learning module where one could learn at one space, according to Nazurullah Khan director of the Pusat Komputer, Malaysia.

Addressing a one day state-level workshop on Globalisation of Arabic learning through English-software training at Jamal Mohammed College(JMC) here today, Mr. Nazurullah Khan said that the software was simple, spontaneous, scientific and completely and interactive software that could be easily learned with or without a teacher by the side.


Mr Nazurulla Khan who is the secretary of the Malaysia JMC’s alumni association said that the methodology of Globalisation of Arabic learning is well presented in such a way that a student will have the benefit of learning other languages by judicious us of globalisation of Arabic learning.

He said it could be used from kinder garden to University level and it could use for fast tract of 10 to 15 hours of teaching or through normal school procedures as a yearly programme of 90 hours. The student could read, write, make grammatical sentences and even speak grammatically.

He said that it is a self learning software with teacher to will have much more impact. It is a totally one stop centre for learning grammatical Arabic by no pen, no paper and no key board is needed, he added.

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