New software to learn Arabic through English

Aug 16, 2015 | English, Press

By, R. Valayapathy | DC

Tiruchy: Kuala Lumpur based ‘Khan Soft, Malaysia’, an Arabic learning company, has developed a new software called the ‘Globalisation of Arabic Learning through English’, which enables easy learning of Arabic by students from KG level to post-graduate scholars.

Nazurullah Khan, Director of the company, speaking to DC here on Saturday, said if his software was created in high-flown classical Arabic, people familiar with only conversational Arabic found it difficult. Instead, “My Arabic (embedded in the software) is Quranic Arabic. A person who knows Quranic Arabic can speak colloquial Arabic easily,” he said.

People who learn or know grammatical English “can also learn Khan Soft Arabic” without difficulty, he added and claimed that his software could be easily taught across the educational spectrum. He said that he had spent 15 to 16 hours a day for the past 17 years to develop the software.

He said that the software is not just bilingual but also trilingual, since anyone can learn Arabic through English or through their mother tongue (provision has been made for this in the software).

Its unique format takes in aspects of grammar, theory and the spoken word (an audio teaches you pronunciation). It is one umbrella for all needs and no reference is required after lessons, he added.

Asked about the learning methods, Mr Khan said that all you need is dictionary or google help. It allows one to go directly to the Quran. It can be used in libraries, hotels and kiosks that promote Arabic and with a basic number of 150 words from the software, one can make 100,000 grammar word blocks.

“The whole learning methodology, especially in the beginning stages, gives priority to the sounds, rhythm and cadence of Arabic. No paper, no pen, no pad learning/teaching methodology is incorporated. Independent learning techniques are used so that any learner can learn Arabic at one’s own convenient speed,” he added.

“The entire range of educational institutions including primary, secondary schools, religious schools, colleges and universities, public and private libraries, foundations and madrashas’, besides mosques and government agencies, could avail this software,” he emphasized. Khan said that Jamal Mohamed College, Tiruchy, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Khan Soft.

“My aim is to make Arabic a universal language by making the learning and teaching of Arabic so popular that the maximum number of people across the globe, with the minimum effort, may learn Arabic in the shortest possible time in the most modern way”, he said, adding, he has been demonstrating the software globally to students and teachers.

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