A Software to Learn Arabic Through English

Oct 18, 2015 | English, Press

DC CORRESPONDENT, TIRUCHY: A Malaysian software expert, Nazurullah Khan, director, Khan Soft, Malaysia, an Arabic e-learning software company, has said that a KG student or a PG scholar could learn Arabic easily without a teacher, with the software he has developed called the ‘Globalisation of Arabic Learning through English’.

Participating in the inaugural session of a three day workshop on Arabic learning through Khan Soft at Jamal Mohamad College here on Saturday, he explained the advantages of his software in the following terms: “it is a complement to the existing syllabi; utilising it will help students understand Arabic lessons better as they progress from grade I to university; it can be used in universities; it is not just bilingual but trilingual, since by using it, anyone can learn Arabic through English or through their mother tongue (provision has been made for this); its unique format takes in aspect of grammar, theory and they spoken word (an audio teaches you pronunciation); it is one umbrella for all needs and no reference is required since after lessons, all you need is a dictionary or Google help; it allows one to go directly to the Quran; it can be used in libraries, hotels and kiosks.” A.K. Khaja Nazeemudeen JMC secretary, treasurere K.A. Khaleel Ahamed, and principal S. Mohamed Salique spoke.

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